August 04, 2010

Getting things done!!!

Today I got the "scoops of love" package. 37 little ice creams scoops {adorable}.
I was chatting with my Mom when got the package and I was screaming "I got the package Mom, I got it, I got it!!!". So exciting ^^
I think I found the perfect DJ for the wedding. Check this {click here}!!!
A little bit of Lady Gaga, my favorite character and "just dance"!!!!
Wheeeeeeee!!! I wish I could hire Hello Kitty to be our DJ.
Anyway, I'm soooo looking forward to the big awesome day!!!

PS: This post is a little "poor" but I will explain why. I was writing it on Wednesday night last week and I thought I would publish it on Thursday morning, but I had a car accident on Thursday {I'm just fine, the lady didn't see me and smaaaash!!!!} and the rest of the day Mike and I were trying to figure out car, insurance, everything. We got a rental car and then Friday I was babysitting the whole day.
So I will write a brand new post about the weekend!!!

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