August 01, 2010

Brainstorm and news

I breathe wedding. I'm having a lot of fun with all this planning and I know I will miss it a loooot when it's over. Better enjoy bunches while it lasts.
I thought about the card basket. I found a cute basket at Goodwill for $1.50. It need some work, but I think it will turn out really cool.

I still thinking about the flip flops. Dunno if I stick with Havaianas or Ipanema. Ipanema has the colors I want, but is not "as legitimas". I think the design will be something like "Wherever I go... I wanna be your pair" with hearts, our names and date.
I bought some ribbons to wrap the "bem-casados" that I'm planning on cooking this following week.
My sister sent me an email {Hello Darling}. OMG. I jumped out of the bed and I couldn't believe what I was reading: flight tickets bought for Carolina Picchioni and Fernando Zambotto. Such great news. They made my day.

My mom is coming to town for 19 days. My sister and future brother in law are coming for 4 days.
Since Fernando is coming, I could invite another bridesmaid: Karine. She is a peach, sweet, a lot of fun and full of good energies. I don't really know how to explain but just to think about her it makes me smile. I love to have great people around me and this is why I choose her.

The other day I wrote an email to the flower guy. I got a reply asking me about how many flower girls bouquet he would need to do. Then I realized that I haven't called Kris {my host mom here in Colorado, forever.} to ask the girls {Alex and Gabby} to be flower girls with Brianna. I got my phone. Kris was so excited and the girls so happy about it. My heart was all fuzzy. Three flower girls bouquet, please.
Another thing that Mike and I figured out are the rings. We stopped by Gusterman's and my engagement ring is almost ready but this is not why we went there. Mike likes a ring that could be the wedding band for him. He tried it out and it fits perfectly. We are thinking about having a plain wedding band for me, just to add to my engagement ring {we will move it to the left hand on the day of the wedding}, and have it engraved.
Today we are meeting Matt Novak to talk about price, set everything up.
This following week I'm planning on making bem-casados, decide the flip flops, get the rings, hear from the flower boy, hear from Emma, finish the wedding invitation, work on the program, write about what is the bem-casado, do the hat and bouquet in fimo clay for the cake topper...

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