July 30, 2010

We got it!!!!!

We got {more} things done. Hooray!!!! It feels really really nice.
Let's start with Mike's outfit. A big na-na-ni-na-nao {no} to the zoot suit.
Mike and I went to Macy's and we got it figured out. OMG!!! Hold meeeeee... I wanna squeeeeze this man.

This outfit is soooo much more like my fiancee {still having a hard time not calling him my boyfriend}. It makes me happy, but more important, Mike felt good {badass as he would say}.
Time to look for shoes. One of our favorite stores here in Denver is Fashionation so we went there hunting for shoes. No surprise, we found it. Easy-peasy. Plus the suit coat. Badaaaaaass.
Mike's outfit is almost compleeeeete.

Next day {Friday} I went with Carol to David's Bridal to order my sister's dress and I found a cool pair of shoes. It's white but they will dye it pink, matching my dress. Sweeeeeeet.

The other thing we got done is the bridal shower registry. I just learned that there's NO bridal shower registry in USA, but since in Brasil we do have a "here is what you need to buy", I thought would be easier and less bossy to make the registry so people can have a "help" on choosing what they wanna buy.
Get the gun out babeeee!!! lol

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