July 15, 2010

Here I present...

... the BRIDESMAIDS!!!!

All of us have those special people in our lives for many different reasons. I'm lucky to have those ladies in my life and I will tell you why!!!
OMG!!! Just to think about it my eyes are watering...
Here we go:

CAROL #1: my lil' sis. Someone with who I share my past, my family, my bedroom, my trips, my secrets. She is my friend, she makes me proud, she makes the word "saudade" {miss} have a sad meaning, but at the same time she reminds me that we don't miss someone who is nothing less than awesome and we love very much.

CAROL #2: a lil' piece from home. Brazilian, full of energy, happiness and vibrant energy. She is the new girl in town, new in my heart but feels like I know her in forever.

LORI: my "homie" in USA. I see a little bit of me in her. Big heart, real laugh, loves me and I love her. Makes me feel home, makes me feel welcome. Loves pictures and a "Gallagher". I can't barely explain this kind of love.

MAYRA: the future me. The new wife, the new life. The party/family girl, the open heart and always willing to help. The get together girl. The passport for friendship and new friends. Even Santa has helpers, Mayra is my lil' awesome helper.

This is my crew!!!!! In Brazil, bridesmaids are bridesmaids. There is no snooty one. :P Or you can say that all of them are the snooty ones!!!!

EXTRA: I wish I could shrink these girls and mail them to me... :(

CARLOTA: my american {New Jersey} sis. The girl who likes me, the new me. Carlota knows and understand everything that happens when you join the Au Pair life style... She took care of me, I took care of her. Jello shot buddy!!!!

CRIS: my chosen sis. We went to High School together... Teenager seeeecrets.... Shhhhhhh. :P We had a lot of fun together and learn a lot about life. I feel free to tell her my thoughts without even thinking.

FABI: my other lil' sis, but this one is chosen. I say little sis because Fabi is my sister's best friend, what makes her my friend too. Big smile {make people think we are sisters}, mature, good listener, awesome party buddy, funny and loves shopping {and I ship it}.

KENNY: is me when I couldn't be me {New Jersey}. :P She is another smile-sister. Great vibe, huge smile, always happy, believe in her thoughts and sometimes verbalize it {I needed it}. Friends are there for you, even when you are doing something wrong. :P

NI: my chosen sis. Best friends since I was smaller than a peanut. Many many maaaaany histories, pictures, secrets, birthday parties, hairstyles... So many fond memories: priceless.

TARSILA: my chosen sis. She inspires me. Very artistic, huge smile, honest and say what she thinks in a very smooth way. Wonderful sparkly person. Contagious happiness.

VALERIA: my american {Colorado} sis. Love at first sight. We were {single} good together. Party, trips, pub crawls, pictures, laughs, low-low-lows. Always excited to see each other again, always cheering for each other.


Tarsila Kruse said...

Aaaaawwwwwwww...I miss you cupcake! <3

Mayra said...

ahhhhh que fofa!! adorei!! conte sempre bjsss

Caroline Aguilera said...

"smaller than a peanut"... que lindinha... rs
Queria estar aí pra comemorar com você!!
love you