July 15, 2010

What a Wednesday!!!

Yesterday was an exciting day, two things happened.
First Mary, from Gusterman's, called me.
Mary: "Hi, I made a wax model for your ring, do you wanna come to check it out?"
Me: "Yes ma'm!!!! I will be there later tonight!"
I was soooo excited!!!!! I picked Mike up at work, then we went to pick Brianna up and fiiiinally we head out to the silversmith.

OMG!!!!!! Soooooooo adorable!!!!!!!! I loved it!!!!! It is more rounded, beautiful and made me wanna hop a little. It gave me happy feet for suuuure. I can't wait to see it done in about two {long} weeks.
The second thing that happened was... PACKAGE!!!! Do you know what it means????? The dress!!!! I was so nervous, anxious, chewing my nails.... Would it work? Would it be pretty as in the picture? So many questions and I need some advices and help to try it on.
Caroooooooooool, rescue me!!!!!
I called one of my brides maid, Carol. She lives nearby and her mom is in town, so both of them head down here and we were stunned. The dress was gorgeous, puffy, white... we were really excited. We tried it on.

It doesn't fit very well on my breast and is pointed weird... uuuuuuurgh...... bummer bummer.. this is NOT the one.
I think I must feel wonderful and happy in the dress, and it didn't happen.
Wel, that's life. Good thing I still have time to find the perfect dress for me.
Now I will look for something shorter, puffy, maybe pink, maybe white, "I-wish-it-falls" (strapless ), with a hot pink bow in the back.... Dunno... gotta warm up the brain about it again!!!!

EXTRA: Talking about ring, that reminds me about fingers, that reminds me about nails...
Mike and I just bought it in Vancouver, WA.... might be cute on my finger nails...

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