July 21, 2010

Being a good sharer!!!

We've been crazy busy but {of course} we didn't forget about the wedding stuff.
So far we decided how we want the cake and from where {The Shoppe}.

We decided who will be the photographer {Matt Novak}, but not sure how much it will cost.

We decided what we want on top of the cake {Adios & Ciao Ciao}, but it needs some adjustments.

We also know the colors: white + black + pink {no surprises uh?!}


Lucy Morez said...

Adorei os noivinhos do topo do bolo!!! Cores lindas, combinam bastante com vc!!
Ai... toh tão feliz por vcs Cááááááá!

Margherita is in... said...

love it!!! :)