July 19, 2010

Food tasting

One of the good things about The Crystal Rose is that we don't need to worry about catering. All we had to do is attend one of the monthly food tasting and pick our favorites!!!
There was a buffet serving the options that are in the menu and we could try everything.
We dragged Lori & Tim, Andrea & Josh and Brianna to help us. Brianna was the first to announce "this bacon {ham} is yummy".

So many options but here is our favorites:
Honey glazed ham
Roasted breast of turkey
Bow tie pasta
Tortellini pasta
Calypso fruit salad
Scalloped potato
California mixed veggies

We are attending another food tasting next month. Nothing wrong with free food plus knowing that our choice will be delicious for everybody's "picious"!!!

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